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Menstrual cramp causes – 7 Reasons You Have Period Pain


You often have menstrual pain but do not know the cause and how to handle it? let’s discover now Menstrual cramp causes – 7 Reasons You Have Period Pain. General Overview – menstrual cramps cause pooping – Menstrual cramp causes – 7 Reasons You Have Period Pain Dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) are throbbing or cramping […]

Is it true that cold weather aggravates menstrual cramps? This is a must-read guide!


You don’t know how to deal with menstrual cramps in cold weather. Let’s learn about menstrual cramp with During the winter, a lack of vitamin D induces menstruation cramps. As a result of artery constriction, blood flow is diminished. Pelvic congestion can also cause menstrual cramps. If you spend more time indoors and lead […]

11 Pregnancy symptoms in the first month


You do not know about the common symptoms in the first month of pregnancy. Let’s explore 11 Pregnancy symptoms in the first month with Symptoms of Pregnancy at One Month Pregnant – pregnancy symptoms in the first month You may not have many — or any — symptoms at one month pregnant. However, at […]

Common symptoms during 4 weeks of pregnancy


The placenta and amniotic sac are starting to form in week 4 of pregnancy.This week, you may notice symptoms like as abdominal pain and painful breasts, as the cluster of cells that will soon become your baby burrows into your uterine lining. You may also notice implantation bleeding as the clump of cells that will […]

What to Expect From 14 Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms


You can notice changes in your body quickly or you might not notice anything at all. Let’s have a look at 14 pregnancy symptoms how early with When do the first signs of pregnancy appear? – pregnancy symptoms for early Early pregnancy symptoms (such as sensitivity to scent and sore breasts) might develop as […]

8 Symptoms of pregnancy in the first trimester


You recently discovered that your body is displaying “strange” symptoms after a lengthy period of hoping for good news. Are you unsure if you’re expecting a child? If you want to secure a healthy pregnancy, visit to learn about 8 early signs of pregnancy after the first week of intercourse! Pregnancy symptoms in the […]