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#1 Discover about pregnancy cravings for dirt


Geophagia, or the practice of eating soil, has existed throughout history all across the world. Pica, an eating condition in which people want and eat nonfood objects, frequently consumes dirt. Certain anemic persons, as well as some pregnant women around the world, ingest soil. According to study, many pregnant women love dirt, presumably because of […]

Learn about pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks


What are the pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks? Let’s find out with Your little one is truly little at 5 weeks pregnant. They’ll have just started producing their first organs when they’re the size of a sesame seed. You may begin to experience new sensations, both physically and emotionally. Let’s take a look at […]

Fertility Options: Types, Treatments, and Costs

It's untrue that simply waiting it out will put an end to infertility.

Infertility Treatments That Work It’s untrue that simply waiting it out will put an end to infertility. Like other medical conditions, there are treatments available for those experiencing infertility. At least half of couples undergoing infertility treatments will conceive, and technologies such as in vitro fertilization have brought about many pregnancies. More than 1 million babies were […]