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For as long as you can remember, you’ve despised mashed potatoes. You’re having them for breakfast now that you’re pregnant. Served with spicy sauce. Also, sour cream What exactly is driving these strange cravings? The jury is still out, and specialists aren’t clear whether cravings are caused by hormones or a dietary deficiency. In any case, it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge every now and then…as long as your craving is for food.

Some pregnant women have strange cravings for non-food substances like soil, clay, or paper, which could indicate a nutritional shortage. According to the Mayo Clinic, “doctors use the term ‘pica’ to describe wanting and chewing things that have little nutritional benefit.” “Iron deficiency, with or without anemia, is frequently accompanied with ice craving and chewing (pagophagia), however the cause is unknown.” So, if you’re wanting dirt for supper, make an appointment with your doctor. If you’re wanting watermelon, go ahead and eat it.

We questioned 20 real pregnant women about their cravings, which ranged from the mundane (peanut butter) to the bizarre (cigarette butts?).

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1. Polish Cuisine – menstrual cramp not on period


“Pierogies and pierogies exclusively.” Naturally, I took advantage of my pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything I wanted. It was a hot summer, and I ate ice cream virtually every day, but that may have been due to my regular ice cream addiction rather than pregnancy cravings.” Anna H. –

2. Cigarettes (…to Consume) – menstrual cramps when running not on period – weird pregnancy cravings

“Well, this is strange. I had the urge to gnaw on cigarette stubs. Not the cigarette itself, but the mushy end that is normally in someone’s mouth. Thank God, I never did it, but I truly wanted to. I was diagnosed with a type of pica caused by an iron shortage. I chose to crunch on ice chips because it was much safer and less nasty.” Alexandra T. says:

3. All types of peanut butter – menstrual cramps not around period – weird pregnancy cravings

“Any sort of peanut butter.” Whatever you want: cups, pieces, pie, icing, straight from the jar… I swear my son likes peanut butter because he had it almost every day in the womb.” Melissa G. says:

4. Something Crispy and Cold – menstrual cramps no period perimenopause – weird pregnancy cravings

“Ice. I only wanted to eat crushed ice. I later learned that this can be a sign of anemia, and that I was very anemic.” Jessie B. –

5. Meat that is eaten with one’s hands – menstrual cramps no period negative pregnancy test – weird pregnancy cravings

“This is rather humiliating, but all I wanted during my first pregnancy was chicken wings.” I want them to be saucy and spicy, and I desired to consume them with my hands. Actually, now that I think of it, my son now enjoys chicken wings, so it certainly made an impact!” Jillian Q. said

6. Shaken, not stirred margaritas – menstrual cramps but no period reddit

“Anything acidic and sour.” I really wanted a margarita, but it was obviously impossible, so I settled for sour gummy worms. There’s also plenty of queso and guacamole. Maybe my body was trying to tell me I needed more protein? Who can say? “The heart desires what the heart desires.” Rachel S. –

7. Melon, Melon, Melon, Melon, Melon, Melon, Melon, Melon – is it normal to not cramp during period – weird pregnancy cravings

“As a nutritionist, I’m fairly good at making sure I have what I need.” However, during my first triathlon, I ate cantaloupe like it was going out of style for two weeks, most likely because I needed the vitamin C (and this is a fruit I don’t usually eat). I wanted to drink milk in the third trimester, which I don’t do much as an adult, and this made logical because the baby’s bones are strongly mineralizing at that time.” Rachel C. –

8. A Twist on Ice Cream – is it normal to have no cramps on your period

“I’m not a big meat eater, yet all I wanted was meat!” Spaghetti Bolognese (with meatballs on the side), In-N-Out burgers (every day—my office was across the street and the nice people behind the counter knew my order), and, perhaps strangest of all, vanilla ice cream with beef jerky bits on top (on a day when I was desperate and that was the only meat I had around!). The last one turned out to be an oddly pleasant salty/sweet combination, though I tried it once before I was pregnant and understood that pairing was only possible during pregnancy.” Mae K. –

9. Spicy sauce (But Only from Taco Bell) – cramp and i’m not on my period

“I was constantly craving Taco Bell (and other’spicy’ dishes).” Taco Bell was usually the first thing that came to mind whenever we talked about lunch or dinner possibilities. The secret was Fire Sauce, not Mild, Hot, or Diablo, but Fire. We dedicated a whole drawer in the kitchen to Fire Sauce packets sometime during the second trimester just so we’d always have it on hand. Taco Bell kept me going during my pregnancy. “I’m kidding…sort of.” Rachel A. –

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10. The Deli Guy’s Turkey – menstrual cramps but no period in menopause – weird pregnancy cravings

“I wanted turkey, but it had to be plain Boar’s Head deli meat, not roasted (which you should avoid while pregnant due to listeria).” It was torturous because I refused to give in. I also had to eat a tiny tortilla with American cheese every night before going to bed, which helped tremendously with nausea.” Dabee K. –

11. Watermelon that hasn’t been pre-sliced – why am i not getting cramps on my period – weird pregnancy cravings

“I only ate watermelon.” Every week, I eat three entire watermelons. When my husband wasn’t home and all I wanted was some watermelon, I went to the supermarket and carried them home. I’d bring him to the farmers market on weekends to carry my groceries for me. I tried to offer my baby watermelon after she was born, and she made the cutest ‘not interested’ look.” Alana C. said

12. Carbs, Carbs, Carbs, Carbs, Carbs, Carbs – menstrual cramps not time for period – weird pregnancy cravings

“I could only drink Essentia water that was really cold.” Everything else was making me sick. At my first trimester, I ate a whole box of (nitrate-free) bacon in one sitting. Mixed fruit, scrambled eggs, and chocolate were my staple foods. For nine months, all I wanted was an Italian sub, a drink, and a nova bagel. After giving birth, I lived on Italian sandwiches for a week.” Vanessa V. –

13. Lemons, Plain and Simple – menstrual cramps not during period – weird pregnancy cravings

“I experienced tremendous cravings for grapefruit and lemons when pregnant, especially in the first trimester.” As in, I’d quarter the lemons and chew on them like orange slices. The sourness didn’t bother me at the time, and it became part of my morning routine: grapefruit slices followed by lemon slices. My now 16-month-old, ironically, will not attempt either.” Rachel B. –

Tomatoes (nineteenth) (Despite Hating Them Prior)
“Everything mango.” Fresh, frozen, dried, juiced… I’m addicted to it. I’m concerned that my baby will be orange because I’ve eaten mango in some form every day for the past nine months. Second, I’ve always disliked tomatoes and can only eat them in a sauce (and even then, it has to be very smooth—no bits). But entire roasted tomatoes are a pregnancy obsession for me. I’m not ready to bite into a raw one just yet, but this is a significant step forward for me, and one that I hope will continue after the baby is born. I’m guessing I’m lacking in vitamin C or something because both of these desires have been out of control.” Alexia D. –

14. Classic Peanut Butter Combinations – menstrual cramps but not on period – weird pregnancy cravings

“I only ate peanut butter and jelly on white toast during my first trimester.” Every day during the second and third trimesters, I ate two apples and Skippy creamy peanut butter. I tried giving our infant peanut butter immediately away, but he refused. After all, it was the unsalted, unsweetened variety, so who would?” Jamia P. –

15. Kid-Approved Breakfast Cereal – menstrual cramps no period white discharge – weird pregnancy cravings

“Every night, I ate boxes and boxes of cereal.” I started with Lucky Charms and then moved on to Kix. Because not every grocery store carries it, I had to go to a lot of them. My coworker got me cereal for Christmas since I was so addicted!” Katie L. says:

Beer, no. 17 (Shhh)
“I only wanted beer.” I even tried non-alcoholic to see if it would help, but it didn’t work. Finally, in August, at 39 weeks and 100 degrees, I drank a Peroni at dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. I suppose the look in my eyes warned the waiter that if he didn’t deliver it to me, he wouldn’t make it out alive.” Catesby C. –

Watermelon with a Squeeze of Pickle Juice
“When my mother was pregnant with me, she enjoyed watermelon dipped in pickle juice, and she adored dipping burgers in ice cream when she was pregnant with my sister.” She refused to eat anything that didn’t have a salty and sweet component.” Liv K.

16. Ambient Temperature French Fries from McDonald’s – menstrual cramps no period breastfeeding – weird pregnancy cravings

“Throughout my pregnancy, I desired McDonald’s French fries and ate them daily.” I realized I loved them a lot better once I let them cool down completely.” Emily M. –

17. Plenty of Pineapples

“I had a craving for pineapple both times, which isn’t unusual in and of itself, but the amount I wanted to eat was insane. If I hadn’t thought about how much one of those Whole Foods family containers cost me in the first place, I guarantee I could’ve devoured it in one sitting.” Ali G. –

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